About Us

Deccan Helicopters was launched by casino enthusiast’s having many years of experience from the casino industry. They possess a notable research quality of analysing various casinos and upgrading their company.

They believe on the fun play and entertainment part of casino gaming. They made a wonderful online platform which is hassle free, easy and user friendly. Many customers are highly satisfied with their services. They portray a readable rules and regulations which are well understood by the players. They stand unique in this category as theirpolicies are very transparent.

They give importance to customer feedback, customer satisfaction and customer fund’s security.Apart from that the company maintains a higher level of confidentiality by not revealing the customers personal information.

The have excellent team of administrators, technicians, research people to help the players anytime. They have loads and tons of high quality games. All the games available are well tested and qualified to be played by the players. The have all the recent and hit games like, slots, blackjack and roulette. Apart from this they also entertain the players by allowing them to participate in the casino live gaming by displaying the policies very clearly.

They are also constantly working towards developing new games and fetching the games relevant for every customer. They have added a new feature, in which the player can enter his choice of interests like, game mode, style, theme of the game, rates etc. They try to analyse the player’s pattern and recommend the games based on their favourites choices. They continuously monitors the player’s activity for excessive gambling and immediately remiand them and counsel them online abouttheir status.

Overall they really understand the players state of mind and concentrates on creating apeaceful and fun environment for their players for a wonderfull enjoyable casion gambling.